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About Us


Our Story

After following the dream and concern of satisfying the need and demand for Hispanic products within the community in North Carolina, El Ideal was born in 2003. As El Ideal grows, it serves as the birthplace of of one of the most excellent products on the US market, El Ideal products. Unmatched quality products. Since then we have been working hard and with determination making investments and innovations to be able to bring top quality products to our Hispanic public and at the same time expand to other international communities.

Little by little we have been sowing, harvesting and conquering the Latin and international hearts. For this we choose and stock up on the best agricultural products from all over Asia, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean. We can provide our consumers with food of good taste and with the unmistakable international flavor. Through our products we represent our culture. We don't try to replace it, just bring a little piece of it to your kitchen, from your land at your table We are El Ideal!

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